Our company

Founded over 70 years ago, Laboratoire Dr Renaud is a pioneer in the cosmetics industry and has continued to break new ground ever since. A proud Canadian company, research and innovation have been at the heart of its unique line of skincare for more than five decades. Laboratoire Dr Renaud’s personalized skincare solutions represent the perfect synergy of science and aesthetics.

Our story



In 1947, Dr. Louis Raymond Renaud created an eponymously named company in his native France: Laboratoire Dr Renaud. In addition to producing a line of innovative, quality skincare products, Dr. Renaud quickly realized the value of training people who would not only sell the company’s products, but who would act as true consultants. They were the very first experts in aesthetics and beauty care, or today, what we call aestheticians.

The years that followed were marked with innumerable successes, and in 2009, another milestone was with the establishment of a R&D Center of excellence in Dermatology and cosmetology at the company’s facilities.



Firmly established, Laboratoire Dr Renaud is today a leader in the cosmetics field, having successfully pursued its audacious vision of staying true to its rich heritage while constantly reinventing itself day after day.

Driven by an untiring passion and quest for innovation, the R&D team is dedicated solely to the advanced study of the skin. The company’s success rests on years of research and close collaboration with university researchers in dermopharmacology.


Our latest developments

In 2016, Laboratoire Dr Renaud teamed up with Crescita Therapeutics, a Canadian dermatological company offering leading-edge skincare patented technologies. This partnership allows the company to add Crescita’s exclusive trademarked technologies to its own line of highly effective skincare solutions. Inspired by a vision centred on innovation, Laboratoire Dr Renaud is taking concrete steps towards the future.

Our mission

The mission of Laboratoire Dr Renaud is to formulate the best skincare products ever. Beyond this mission, we combine the latest and the best that science and nature have to offer for the benefit of your beauty.


Constantly on the lookout for the best of science and nature, we strive to offer you the greatest skincare available anywhere.


Because progress doesn’t happen in isolation, we believe in the power of synergy of ideas and skills, both on our team and in our relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Going beyond

Never fully satisfied, we are constantly seeking to improve our products and questioning our work methods in order to surpass our limits.

Our capacity for innovation is not by chance:
It is a result of both our tireless passion and tenacity.