Professional facials and peels

Laboratoire Dr Renaud products are unequaled. When you combine them to Laboratoire Dr Renaud professional facials, the results can be extraordinary. Supported by the expert skin analysis and recommendation of a Laboratoire Dr Renaud trained aesthetician, you have the most effective, results-oriented skincare available today.

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Our professional facials and Peels :

Rosa-C3 Cell Control Complex

Ideal for sensitive skin and/or redness.

Hydrascience AHD3

A spectacular breakthrough in cutaneous hydration. For all dehydrated skin, including oily skin and sensitive skin.

Pure Kronoxyl - 9 Complete Youth

The best well-ageing facial. For all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Retinol Activ 0.5

Combines the highest permitted concentrations of pure retinol and salicylic acid with highly effective cosmetic ingredients such as AHA, resveratrol, ceramides and antioxidants to helps correct the onset of signs of ageing.

Clear up

For the treatment of acne prône skin, comedonal, asphyxic and oily skin.

Glycolac Plus with Well-Balanced AHA

Anti-ageing, refining and hydrating facial. For hyperkeratinized, dehydrated, dry and rough skin, dull complexion.

Radiance White Integral Brightening Facial - Face & Hands

With Laser C™ Complex, this facial reduces the appearance of brown spots, evens skin tone, and helps diminish ageing signs

Ultra-Moisturizing Collagen Veil

Intensive, Anti-ageing facial. Highly moisturizing. For dehydrated, tired skin lacking suppleness and comfort.

Radiance Peel

Enhances the radiance of the complexion, reduces pigmentation, improves elasticity of facial contours and reduces signs of ageing.

Timeless Peel

Fights premature ageing, decreases the appearance of skin sagging and deep wrinkles, exfoliates skin, restores the skin’s natural pH and promotes a radiant complexion.

Clear Up Peel

Reduces impurities, fights against visible imperfections, tightens dilated pores, reduces ingrown hairs and soothes skin.